Virginia Forest Laboratory

The Virginia Forest Laboratory (VFL) is a canopy-scale experiment on ozone deposition, canopy photosynthesis, biogenic organic chemistry, nitrogen oxide fluxes, and plant stomatal uptake.

We are collaborating with Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz at Virginia TechUVA ecologist Xi Yang, UVA hydrologist Todd Scanlon, and UVA organismal ecologist Manuel Lerdau to study atmosphere-biosphere feedbacks between canopy ozone flux, biogenic organic compound emissions, and photosynthesis using the solar-induced fluorescence (SIF) technique. The VFL is located in a rural, forested area of the Piedmont region of Virginia at the eastern base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The VFL canopy is comprised of mixed deciduous trees with patches of conifer, and representative of second-growth forests throughout central Virginia. This work is funded by the National Science Foundation and the 4-VA.

View from the VFL sampling tower looking toward the Blue Ridge Mountains:

Sample of real-time PHENOCAM data