The Pusede Lab is hiring graduate students and postdocs to work on a variety of projects on air pollution environmental justice and atmosphere-biosphere interactions. Please email Prof. Sally Pusede (sepusede AT virginia.edu) with inquiries.


We are hiring a postdoctoral research associate to advance the use of satellite remote sensing to study air pollution environmental (in)justice in U.S. cities. The full advertisement is linked here.

The associate will work to expand the capabilities of satellite measurements for environmental justice research and use these observations to improve our understanding of the factors controlling urban air pollution inequality, including atmospheric chemistry, climate variability, emissions regulations, and the history of the built environment. The associate will conduct complementary modeling analyses, with a choice of projects utilizing either chemical transport modeling or land-use regression techniques, according to their interests and experience.

The associate will also have the opportunity to work with the University of Virginia Repair Lab, an interdisciplinary research laboratory focused on environmental and climate justice issues. As part of their Repair Lab affiliation, the associate will explore the policy-relevant aspects of their research and collaborate with community partners.

Graduate students

(1) We are hiring graduate students to work on a variety of air pollution environmental justice projects. Graduate students will also join a larger community of interdisciplinary scholars as part of the Repair Lab Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship program, which provides numerous professional development opportunities.

(2) We are hiring a graduate student to work at the interface of atmospheric chemistry and biology to study ozone-plant interactions in the field and using novel laboratory techniques.